5 Best Organizational Behavior Models And How To Choose The Right One

What is Organizational Behavior?

Every individual has a distinct behavior and way of interacting with other people.  This could be a huge or small difference in behavior. Organizational behavior studies  this distinction in an organizational setting and how it could deter or spur your business to success.

Importance of Organizational Behavior

Improve productivity and performance

Motivate Empolyees

Foster better leadership

Control and predict human behavior within the organization

5 Organizational Behavior Model

1. Autocratic Model

This is the oldest organizational behavior model. All the responsibility of the whole organization is on the leader. The whole team is loyal to the leader, he makes all the decision and anyone who disobey his command is at the risk of punishment. Also, the only reward or incentive in this model is the paycheck.

2.Custodial Model

The aim of this model is to build loyalty to the company rather than a leader and it's done through beneficial packages.

3.Supportive Model

This organizational model seeks to inspire employees to perform and increase the company productivity. In this settings, managers work with employee to achieve personal goals

4.Collegial Model

This model develops a structure in which managers leads their teammates to achieve a goal. Employees are loyal to the organization goal instead of the team leader and take pride in successful execution of goals.

5.System Model

This model foster passion and commitment to the organization. The goal is to ensure that every employee feel satisfied and invested in the company's success.

How to choose the right organizational behavior model

This process is really simple and straight forward. You need to go back to WHY you started your company and choose the organizational behavior model that fits into that why. Here is a good example: If your WHY is to bring quality clothes to the crowd at a lower price then your organizational behavior model will me the System Model.