Starting and growing a business requires a great marketing strategy. The most valuable currency in the business world is attention.

And either you’re a small business or large corporation, you must know how to attain this currency.

In this article, I’ll show you the 12 proven marketing strategy to grow your small business through digital marketing.

The digital world is saturated and your potential customers are being swayed by different apps, adverts and social media channel.

So how do you stand out, get the attention your business craves and double your sales?

Well, let’s dive in to find out.

1. Collaborate with influencers

Influencers for marketing strategy
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This is one of my favorite strategy and the one most brands use.

An influencer is a person that has built a large number of followers on a specific social media channel.

You can leverage the audience that these influencers built and use it to promote your product or service.

Depending on which channel you choose, your promotion can go viral and reach a lot of people.

Twitter is one of those platforms that can make your marketing explode when you carefully choose an influencer to represent your brand.

Here are the five checkpoint for choosing an influencer:

  • What social media channel does your target market hang around?
  • Does the influencer personally represent what your brand stands for?
  • How large are the influencer’s followers?
  • Is the influencer budget compare to social media ads?
  • Who is responsible for creativity? (Your brand, influencer or both)

When you get the right answers to the questions above, you’re ready to embrace influencer as either your primary or one of your marketing strategy.

Getting an influencer for your marketing is cost-effective and can deliver huge result but of course, it all depends on your industry and the influencer you choose.

2. Embrace one social media channel

Social media

There is a myth that business needs to be active on every social media channel.

Why your brand needs to be present everywhere your potential customers are, you need to champion are one social media channel first.

Find the one channel your target customers use frequently and build a massive following.

This gives you more room to grow and understand your customers. When successful (and even if you’re not successful) you can then explore other social media channel.

Remember, marketing is not just about being present everywhere, it is about getting the attention your business need.

There are startups and small businesses that have every possible social media account but cannot get the attention to grow their business.

3. Stand for something

Mission - Marketing strategy

This is my #1 marketing strategy.

According to several reports, customers do not trust modern business and this can be pointed to several reasons.

But the reason that stood out the most is that modern businesses does not stand for anything except money.

When customers have the perception that your business is just out to make money, then keeping hold of them becomes hard and costly.

They will buy from you because your price is low compare to your competitors or because you’re the nearest brand they can buy from.

To avoid this you must stand for something. A cause that is unique enough to strike a chord in their being.

When you stand for something unique, you’ll be able to get true die-hard customers and in return, they will market your product or services in your stead.

Your business will exponentially grow.

Apple Inc is one of the brands that stand for something and their business exploded just because of that.

4. Maintain existing customers


Your existing customers is as important as your new customers.

Customer referral is one of the most effective sales tactics to consistently increase your revenue and reputation.

However, customers will only refer their acquaintances to your business if only you maintain a relationship with them.

Interact with them, provide more value, send frequent emails and get personal to build and maintain a relationship before and after they purchase your product or service.

5. Use Email marketing automation

Email marketing

Email marketing is one of the best marketing strategies to grow your customer base.

However, if you’re not using email automation to build a relationship and ease your potential customers through their decision making then you’re leaving money on the table.

Email automation enables you to customize your customer journey. You can send a series of emails based on behaviour, region and activities of your customers.

When use well, it will boost your brand bottom-line.

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6. Create Affiliate Programs

Affiliate program

Adopting affiliate marketing as one of your marketing strategies can immediately boost your sales.

There is a lot of business that make affiliate marketing their primary strategy and that’s because they were exposed to fresh deals on a consistent basis.

Review the benefit your affiliates will get before applying it to your business.

7. Build a free tool

Free social media tool

One of the reasons for low sales is the “mud against the wall strategy”. This strategy is when you use any marketing strategy and send your target market to your pricing or sales page.

You need to understand that sales is a process and you’ll only double your revenue when you follow the right process.

When you build a free tool that solves your target market problem, you can build a relationship with them and double your sales.

Of course, your free tool must cost you less and when any of your target markets want to use it, they submit their contact detail where you can then begin your sales process.

8. Embrace Search Engine Optimization


Do you want a cost-effective and long term marketing strategy?

Then Search Engine Optimization is the solution to your dilemma. Contrary to what other marketers say, it is easy to rank your website on Google.

But it takes time to see result and it might be costly.

However, this should not sacred you away from using SEO. The search engine is the number one source your target customer use to get information to solve their problem.

When you position your website at the top of the search result while targeting the right keyword, then the flood of customers will flow into your business.

9. Start Blogging


Integrating blog into your marketing strategy is a necessity rather than optional.

Blogging will help you educate your target market about their problem and your solution thereby aiding their decision making.

Also blogging help you improve your search engine ranking and increase the traffic you get from your SEO effort.

10. Continually optimize your landing pages

Landing page

Your landing page showcase your product or service and employing a set it once and forget it strategy is a recipe for disaster.

You need to continually optimize your landing page for better conversion.

Check your search console and see the keywords that users are using to find your business, check meta description and do A/B test for your landing page to find what convert best.

11. Advertise through social media

Social media advertisement

Social media advertisement have replaced the traditional adverts.

And they’re more track able, cost-effective and you can optimize it to convert better.

If you don’t have a marketing team for your small business, I suggest you hire a digital marketing agency to run your social media ad campaign.

12. Partner with allies

Partner on contract

Partnering with other businesses can be the best marketing strategy for your brand.

When you choose the right partner, it will increase your brand awareness and double your sales.

When choosing other brands you want to partner with, ensure you choose those that align with what you stand for.


Without sales, companies can’t thrive and without good marketing strategy, your sales will deplete leaving your business on the brink of closure.

Which marketing strategy have you used in the past and which one do you plan to integrate into your business?

Let me know in the comment section.

Aderemi Dare

Aderemi Dare is a Digital Marketer and provides consultation service to small-mid size business. He also provides quality content for entrepreneurs and bloggers.


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