Keyword Research is the most important part of any SEO campaign. While there are so many Keyword Research Tools out there, Google Keyword Planner is the most popular of all.

In this article, I’ll go over how to start using Google Keyword Planner to research keywords for your SEO campaign.

The beauty of Google Keyword Planner is that it is made by Google. This gives you a great advantage if you want to rank high on Google.

Now, let’s dive in.

Sign in to your Google Keyword Planner

Google Keyword Planner

To get access to Google Keyword Planner, you must have Google Ads account.

Google Ads new account

You need to create a new Google Ads account so click on “New Google Ads account”.

Google Ads setup

Your next step is to set up your Google Ads account according to your needs.

Although you might want a Keyword Planner account, for now, you need to ensure you input the correct details.

I won’t be taking you into the steps of setting up a Google Ads account as that’s not the focus of this article.

Also creating an account is simple and straightforward, you should be able to easily create yours but if you’re unable to do so, feel free to comment below this article.

Note: If you follow the step above, you’ll need to set up an Ad campaign but you don’t need it to be active to use Keyword Planner.

You can also avoid setting up an Ad campaign by Click on “Switch to Expert mode” then click on “Continue without creating an Ad campaign”.

Once you’re done, you’ll see the congratulations page which means you’re all set to go.

Congrats page - Google Keyword Planner

Click on Explore your account. You’ll be redirected to your Google Ad account which you can use to advertise across Google network.

However, our focus is its keyword planner. Click on the Tools and Setting Icon then click on Keyword Planner.

Now you’ve access to Google Keyword Planner. From now on, all you need to do is to sign in and use the tools directly.

You’ll see two tools within Keyword Planner which you can use for your keyword research.

Discover new keywords: This tool will help you find keyword ideas for your SEO campaign.

Get search volume and forecasts: This tool will help you find the exact search volume and forecast for your keyword. This tool is designed specifically for PPC advertisers.

This will enable them to the search volume for the keyword they are going for and forecast future trends.

Discover new passord.

Your next step is to proceed with your keyword research now that you have access to Google Keyword Planner.

Note: If you’re a small business owner and you’re looking into running your own SEO campaign or Google Ads, the best decision will be hiring a digital marketing agency.

How To Use Google Keyword Planner

You now have access into your own Keyword Planner and have discovered the two tools available for keyword research.

So what’s next?

We’ll take a look into how to efficiently perform keyword research and move forward with your SEO campaign.

At this stage, I believe you already have customer demography and niche down on the topic you want to write about.

If not, then consider the following links below to learn more about customer demography and niching down.

Know your target market.

Niching down to stand out! How to find a profitable niche fast.

Discover new keywords

The first tool we’ll take a look at is – discover new keywords.

This tool will help you to discover keywords that your customers are using to search up your product or service.

When you click on “Discover new keywords”, you can carry on your keyword research in two ways.

Discover new keywords

The first one is “Start with keywords”.

Let’s take, for instance, you run a web design agency in Lagos State, Nigeria and you want to rank higher on Google search engine for it.

So you enter a key phrase “Web design companies in Lagos” and click on “Get Results”.

Now the first thing you want to take note of is the top menu.

First, you want to make sure the location is spot on. Since we’re a web designer in Lagos but open to other clients in Nigeria then I’ll leave the location set to Nigeria.

If you’re targeting customers in a specific state or region, then you need to set the location accordingly.

Then set the Language you’re writing your content with.

Google keyword planner

Now is the time to go ahead with your keyword research but here are few terms you should understand.

  • Keyword (relevance): Google Keyword Planner shows the search result for the keyword you entered then show you other relevant keywords under this tab.
  • Avg. monthly searches: This tab shows you how many people search for a particular keyword on average every month.
  • Competition: This tab shows you how competitive the keyword you’re ranking for is.

Other tabs are useful if you want to set up a Google Ad campaign but that defeats the focus of this article.

Now the result of our short research is that our target market search for our service using a long tail keyword “Web design company in Lagos”.

This is contrary to our previous keyword which we thought our customers will be using to find our service.

Also on average, there are 100-1000 monthly searches. Which is really good for us.

The second way is “Start with a website”.

Start with website

This allow you to find keywords for your SEO campaign by entering a URL.

What you can do here is to enter the URL of your search competitor to see the keywords that are ranking for.

When you enter the URL of your search competitors in the box, select “Use the entire site” or “Use only the page” depending on what your goal is then to click on “Get Results”.

The result after analyzing my search competitor, CKDigital.

Get search volume and forecast

This tool is for those who want to advertise on Google networks. Once you enter your keyword, it shows you the average position for your website and the number of clicks you’ll get for your money.

The tool is easy to use and straightforward.

You can use this tool to determine your clickthrough rate if your website rank in a certain position.

Although your clickthrough rate also depends on some certain features like the attractiveness of your meta-description.


Using Google Keyword Planner is simple, free and easy to use. When used correctly, you’ll be able to rank higher for any keyword.

Use the comment section below to let me know how effective Keyword Planner is for you.

Aderemi Dare

Aderemi Dare is a Digital Marketer and provides consultation service to small-mid size business. He also provides quality content for entrepreneurs and bloggers.


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