Are you still doubting the possibility of outsourcing your brand’s marketing campaign to a digital marketing agency?

Or you want to be certain that you’re getting value for money when you end up outsourcing to a digital marketing agency?

Then you’re at the right place.

I’m still perplexed that some business owners don’t know the importance of digital marketing and building an online audience around their product and services.

I once met a business owners who had a great business idea. Though, he already established the business.

But he was having difficulties getting more customers. I happen to have a conversation with him about his business.

After finding out he doesn’t have any digital marketing strategy for his business, I advised him to use online marketing to promote his business

But he rejected my advice because he believed that it won’t work in that specific industry.

I showed him how his competitors where using SEO and Facebook Ads to their advantage and why he will never catch up with them if he doesn’t buckle up.

This eye watering statistics totally changed his perspective.

But for you, I believe you already know the importance of digital marketing.

Now, let’s dive in to why you’re here.

1. Expert Knowledge

Expert knowledge of digital marketing agency

If you’re a small business owner, your ultimate goal is to grow your business.

And that’s exactly the purpose of digital marketing – To exponentially grow your business.

However, you need different strategies if you want to grow your business through online marketing and that’s where digital marketing agency is ideal.

While hiring an in-house team to do your online marketing campaign sounds good, it is not cost effective and it’s time consuming.

You’ll have to spend lot of time and money training your team, resources which you can dedicate to growing your business right off the start.

A typical digital marketing agency breathes creativity.

They’re exposed to different industry and understand that every brands require a personalized online marketing strategy.

2. Build Trust With Your Visitors

Rating increased by digital marketing agency

Customers are vital to your business as it’s to every other business.

Before you get those customers, you need to build relationship and cultivate their trust.

And this is what any typical digital marketing agency excel in. They design sales funnel that provide your potential customers with flawless user experience.

Build engagement through your social media page and increase brand awareness.

This increases trust in your brand and put you right at the center of customer attention.

3. Easily Adapt to Industry Change

SEO by digital marketing agency

Google changes algorithm over 500 times every year and every social media platform changes their algorithm frequently.

Keeping up with your competitors, Search engine optimization, social media marketing, email marketing and other platform will be challenging for you.

If you’re not up-to-date with this changes, your business growth and online marketing investment will go down the drain.

For agencies, they had to keep up with this technological changes to ensure they serve their clients better than other.

4. Flexible Marketing Budget


Contrary to what you may have heard, outsourcing your online marketing campaigns to an agency is cost effective.

The role of agencies is to find out what your business goals are and the exact strategies that’ll get you the right results.

And that’s exactly where you identify the bad apple from the good apple.

If the agency you want to signed up with promise you instant result, quick fixes or not trying to find out what your business goals are.

Alas, run far away from such agency.

Overseeing digital marketing growth is a slow and continuous process and your competitors also won’t stay idle.

A good marketing agency will identify your goals and strategies to reach those goals and you pay for the results that are ideal for you.

You should be able make decisions that suit your business and budget plan.

5. Measurable Result

The goal of a digital marketing agency is simply, TO DRIVE RESULT.

This is why you should opt for an agency rather doing it yourself. An agency offers clear insight you might not be able to deliver.

They track keywords performance, ads performance, user behavior and level of engagement.

These are insights that will enable them to know the strategies that will work best for your business and also find opportunities you might otherwise overlook.

6. Focused Strategy

social media strategy

The marketplace is saturated with gurus telling you how to go about your marketing.

What works and what doesn’t, how a 17 years old attract 170, 000 leads in just 5 days and so on.

Without an agency, you might be tempted into drifting and purchasing those courses leaving your marketing scattered all over the place.

What an agency offer is a focused strategy that is guaranteed to give you the results you craved for.

When you’ve a centralized marketing strategy, you’ll be able to easily figure out what works and effectively grow your marketing effort.

7. Convert More Web Visitors Into Customers

Getting traffic to your website is one thing and getting those web visitors to buy is another thing entirely.

Depending on your brand and business goals, a digital marketing agency will build an effective sales funnel that’s guaranteed to convert.

They will be able to design your sales funnel in such a way that your it will speak the language of your ideal buyer and overall flawless user experience.

A sales funnel have two sides, one is to generate the necessary information for businesses and to efficiently solve web visitors problem.

If the agency’s strategy does not reflect both side of the coin, then you need to find another agency.

8. Competitive Edge

Winning edge by digital marketing agency
Successful career design concept with winner on mountain top and competitors on blue sky background vector illustration

If there is anything you need to be worried about outside of your business, it’s you competitors.

Your business is actively competing with other brands in your industry and they won’t stay ideal.

A digital marketing agency have the necessary tools and resources to analyse your competitors marketing techniques and come up with creative ways to stay ahead of them.

Agency will give you that competitive edge your business requires to stay at the center of customer’s attention.

These are changes you won’t be able to keep up with if you’re doing your digital marketing yourself.

By outsourcing to an agency, you’ll be able to focus on what you do best.

9. Latest Tools For Optimized Digital Presence

To carryout your digital marketing campaign you need various tools to analyse, track and optimize your campaign across all platform.

These tools might be costly for your business as digital marketing agencies have many projects which will easily cover for the cost.

Professional agencies have access to all these tools, train their employee and improve on a daily basis.

10. Business Growth

Business growth in the long term
Stacking wooden blocks is at risk in creating business growth ideas.

As I’ve said before, the goal of any typical agency is to drive your business forward, increase revenue and provide your customers with flawless user experience.

While your business will take care of the support to your customers, agencies ensure your website and your social media platforms are well optimized.

For me, I believe this is the most powerful purpose of digital marketing agencies to your business.


WebAdge is a digital marketing agency, one which I happen to be its founder.

Our goal is to increase revenue, improve customer’s experience and create online marketing strategies to reach your business goals.

While you can reach us through our Instagram Page and Facebook Page, we provide services such as Web Design, Organic SEO, Local SEO, Blog Mangement Service and Social Media Management.

We’re also available to discuss your custom project if you want us to analyze your business profile.

Find out what you need to drive business growth and create compelling strategies for your business.

You can reach us at webadge@aderemidare.com


You’ve learnt the purpose of digital marketing agency for your business and how an agency can is perfect for you.

If you’ve questions, feel free to ask.

Aderemi Dare

Aderemi Dare is a Digital Marketer and provides consultation service to small-mid size business. He also provides quality content for entrepreneurs and bloggers.


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