Setting goals requires discipline and the process of putting your goals down on a paper with a pen is magical.

It helps bring your goals one more step to achieving them. However, thousands if not millions of people set new goals every single year but failed to accomplish them.

They continue with the same process of setting a goal and not bring it to fruition for some years now.

The truth is, achieving your goals will always be difficult. The most simple goal requires several steps to bring it to fruition and that’s exactly where people get stuck.

A single rejection, a family issue, a simple wave directed at ones belief and change to expectation can pull down the most prepared person to the bottomless pit.

In this post, I’ll show you the 5 steps to reach your goals every single year and of course some of this steps are simple but persistence is the food of successful people.

Step 1 – Break It Down

Break down your goals

What are your goals?

What is your most important goal? Your most important goal is what defines your why – that exact reason you’re working, building your own business, making sales, waking up early in the morning or dedicating hours into your daily endeavors.

Once you have your goal down on a paper, the next step is to break it down into its simplest unit.

Let’s say your goal is to make $100, 000 yearly in 1 year time and you’re promoting a product that worth $99.

Your first step is to break this huge goal into monthly goal, then weekly goal and then daily goal. By doing this, you’re using the law of accumulation.

The law of accumulation says that every great or worthwhile accomplishment in a human life is the accumulation of hundreds or even thousands of tiny efforts and sacrifices that no one sees or appreciates.

The law of accumulation

When we break down $100, 000 into monthly goal which is $8, 334 monthly and 84 sales.

Weekly goal will be $2, 083.5 and 21 sales.

Daily goal will be $277.8 and 3 sales.

When you use reverse psychology, which is make 3 sales daily, 21 sales weekly, 84 sales monthly and 1008 sales yearly, you’ll be on your way to making $100, 000 yearly comfortably.

By breaking down your goals, what seems to be a very difficult will be super easy to accomplish and using the law of accumulation, you’ll be able to string tiny efforts together to reach your big goal.

Lesson to learn: Never focus solely on the end goal but on little things you can do right now to reach your end goal.

Step 2 – Make Plan For Obstacles

In nearly every human endeavors, there’s an obstacle waiting in the shadow. While most people run away from it, the successful people anticipate it.

They know that whether they want it or not, an obstacle will surely test their persistence. This test is an acknowledgement of whether you truly deserve that goal you want to accomplish. It determines how badly you want it and whether you truly know that there is a place called tomorrow.

In eight out of every ten cases of unaccomplished goals, the gains of today outshines the wants of tomorrow. People wants to achieve great things in life but they’re unwilling to let go of their today and plan carefully for tomorrow.

They want things the easy way but nothing comes easily, even when we’re giving birth to, someone went through unbelievable pains.

To achieve your goals, the second step is to plan for every obstacle. Anticipate even the most ridiculous obstacle that can block you on your way to achieving your goals, write it down on a paper, add every possible details you can think of (location, time, initiative, color, etc) and then create a solution for every obstacle that could stop you.

Solution – Food for thought to achieve your goals

To achieve success, you must continually think of solution. And this apply to your obstacles also.

Once you’ve written down all possible obstacles that could stop you, then write down solutions to each obstacle.

When you do this, you remain calm, compose and logical when those obstacle roll around. You anticipate them and when they throw their best punches, you’ll be in a good position to counter attack and continue advancing to your success.

To be honest, you’ll also need to be experience in this kind of situation. When I first start using this method, I was still hit a bit at the first and second time but now I’m well-experienced. It’s a gradual process but one that we surely make you win.

Lesson to learn: Anticipate problems/obstacles and plan accordingly for them.

Step 3 – Plan For The Unknown

Time to achieve your goals

While it is great to create plans for obstacles the downside it that you cannot truly anticipate every single problem or to put it simply, you can’t know every possible obstacles that’ll come your way.

And that’s where the third step comes in, since you can’t possibly know every dagger in the shadow you need to plan accordingly.

The idea is to remain calm, compose and logical in every situation you find yourself to make the correct judgement.

When a particular obstacle hinder the progress of a goal, most people become unsettled and ilogical which leads to making the wrong decision in crucial times.

Of course they regret their decision and get wave of ideas they could have implemented in those situation once they’ve lost their way and are now back at the first phase or at a no man’s land.

If this as happened to you, it’s because you didn’t expect that particular obstacle and make plans for it.

To avoid getting into those situation where you’re not composed, you’ve to plan for what you did not expect will hinder your goal.

Let’s say, you want to buy a 2020 GMC Sierra 1500 which cost around $35, 000 in 6 months.

Now, let’s anticipate a problem that could happen that’ll make you use your savings on another aspect of your life which in turn mean you won’t be able to get your dream car in 6 months time.

What’ll you do in this situation?

Think of our severe the problem could be, what backup plan do you have. What would you do to ensure you hit your goal in 6 months.

By writing down the different level of difficulties of your possible obstacle and making plans to it accordingly, you’ll be a step from reaching your goals.

This way, no matter the level of difficulties you encounter, you’ll be able to remain calm, composed and make logical decisions.

Lesson to learn: Anticipate problems/obstacles that hides in the shadow, set their difficulty level and plan accordingly for them.

Step 4 – Take necessary action to achieve your goals

Setting goals and making appropriate plans is simple and work like a magic dictionary for you.

But bringing your goals to fruition requires you to act according to your plans. Action is what make your goals a reality and it’s what make or break your plans.

When it comes to taking necessary action towards achieving a goal, most people send lesser time on what will actually make their goals a reality.

A group of researchers interviewed several hundred senior executives and business owners and asked them, “How important are sales and marketing to your business?”

Without exception, they all replied, “Sales and marketing are absolutely essential to our survival and growth.”

The researchers then conducted a time-and-motion study of these same business owners and executives, following them around and tracking their time usage over the course of a month.

At the end of that time, they completed their calculations and determined that the average business owner or executive – who professed that sales were “absolutely essential” to survival and growth – was spending only 11 percent of his time on sales and marketing.

The remaining time was spent on meetings, discussions, paperwork administrative work, luncheons and a variety of other activities that contributed nothing to sales generation.

From “The power of self-discipline” by Brian Tracy

Do you see that?

This also applies to you.

Do you want to buy a car in 6 months time? Then are you investing your time in increasing your income in that time frame? Are you saving enough money? Are you spending your income on what gives you less value?

To accomplish your goals, you need to discipline yourself to do what’s necessary at the right time. You must be able to endure and make the necessary sacrifices.

Lesson to learn: Take necessary action at the right time and invest more time and effort into what’ll bring your goals into reality.

Step 5 – Track your performance

The first step which is breaking down your goals into smaller units will set you on the right path and that part is where this step will make sure runs as smooth as possible.

When you break down your goals, you now have little goals scatter over the course of a certain period of time.

When you take the necessary action on these little goals, you create little wins which keep you motivated to reach that big and might goals.

Tracking those little wins is very important especially if you’re leading a team or the head of an organization. This way you can share those little wins with your team or staffs when the going get tough.

The purpose of tracking your performance is to ensure you’re moving in the right direction and according to your plan.

There are different ways and method to track your plan but I prefer using a pen and paper. You cannot overlook the power in writing.

When you write down your goals, you attract positive vibes and when you keep track of your goals by writing, you’re releasing positive energy to your environment which makes you keep pushing.

Another benefit of tracking your performance is to know how far you’ve advance forward and how close you’re to accomplishing your goals.

Lesson to learn: Keep track of your performance using the power of writing.


If you can follow all the steps laid down in this post, you’ll be among the top 10 percent of people who set and achieve their goals.

The journey is tough but the result is fantastic and worthwhile.

Aderemi Dare

Aderemi Dare is a Digital Marketer and provides consultation service to small-mid size business. He also provides quality content for entrepreneurs and bloggers.


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